Monday, May 11, 2009

The plum tree is flowering!!!!

This is the most recent view of the garden, as you can see the blossoms are going all out.  The tree is beautiful, and smells like the inside of a bee hive, sweet but a little earthy.   Unfortunately the whole week has been rainy, bees don't really like rain, so I am hoping that the tree has been pollinated.  Cross your fingers if you like plums!  

In this photo it's sort of clear that I have dug over all the beds except two, so almost all of the spring heavy lifting is over.

I have to say I love this photo, because I have the tallest peas in the Tommy Thompson Gardens.  Yup that's a bit of pride....   By next month there will be no clear difference between the size of my plants and the plants in the annual plots, so I allow myself to enjoy this for a moment.  The peas here are called Golden Sweet, they have yellow pods which makes them super easy to find.  Next to them I have planted cilantro and beets, I've got to economize my space.

I guess worrying about the favas not sprouting was all I had to do to coax them out into the light!  They are such nice substantial sprouts!!

The rest of the garden is coming along, my first tee pee of Rattlesnake pole beans went in a few days back, the carrots are coming up well, and all the garlic is looking strong.  I like to plant a few types of vegetables in each bed.  For example the bed that will house the tomatoes is fully planted with carrots already, I just dig the tomato starts in among them.  The carrots grow along side the toms, and are even said to aide each other.  I generally give them a few weeks head start.  In the onion bed there are also lettuces, carrots, and radishes.  Pretty much if there is room I'll put something there, and most likely it'll be lettuce, carrot or a radish...  I really like those three. 
Just as I am getting accustomed to summery weather we get a forecast with frost in it.... I had almost forgotten how summer can turn to winter in a heart beat up here...

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