Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick cut them off at the pass... the garlics are trying to 'scape!

This was the week for the alliums to bloom!  The white flowers above are evergreen scallions... we think they look like brontosaurus tails!  

Then the pretty purple chives, I hope they spread more, I'd love to have a huge clump.  Then there is the garlic, with the most delicious flower of all.  Scapes!!!!  Mmm scape omelet, scape and veggie stir fry, scape quiche and my favorite: scape pickles.  Long, tender, garlic flavored pickles were great at thanksgiving last year.
Another one of my absolute favorites is blooming.  Peas!  This is the flower of the golden sweet peas, I love all the colors on this plant.  Pretty golden stems, light green leaves, and those purple blossoms!  The green peas that I planted take a bit longer to start, their flowers are bright white.

The last shock to my system was this bed... 
The favas are b-e-a utiful!!!  They have loads of blooms, and they have no signs of black mold, which was the problem I had a few years ago.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Newest view of the plot!!

Garlic and peas are dominating the scene.  The plum tree has set some fruit but not nearly as much as last year:(

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lettuce and greens in the first days of June

As I've mentioned before I have been saving seed from different lettuces for a few years now.  The photo above is of a few escaped lettuces from last year's seed heads, they decided to make their home in the pathway and the neighbors plot.  The self seeded lettuces are farther along that the ones that I planted this spring...  I can't compete with nature.

This variety I have been calling Variety #1.... dull I know but I have no clue what it's true name is.  It came in a mixed packet from High Mowing in 2007.  Var. #2 and #3 are from that packet as well, var#2 is dark red and small, #3 is an oak leaf type and a little bitter.  I enjoy saving lettuces, they rarely cross and they have a high rate of germination success even after two years.

I have been taking big hauls of spinach and lettuce for a few weeks now, the cilantro and radishes are a new addition.  The radish pictured was also self seeded.....  I didn't think that they could do that!!!  Last fall I made a pile of the radish tops after the pods got too tough to eat, now that spot is covered with radishes, and again they are bigger than the ones I planted this spring....  Perhaps I should sow lettuce and radishes in the fall.  Anyone have success with that??

It was a sort of a silly ride home, the bags of lettuce kept flopping over and hitting the bike's tires, I'd have to stop and tuck them back into the bungee cord.  I need a new system.  Perhaps a milk crate, or a basket.
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