Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fun and Summer Eats!!

Mmm the scapes are ready!! So are the golden sweet peas and the carrots. Ohh and the favas came in, no photos because we ate them that fast! We had two good nights of them and then they were done, quick but worth the wait. I guess planting them early is the key.

Last year we had problems with carrot fly, a horrible little bug who's larvae enjoy munching on carrot roots. From what I have read they are attracted by broken carrot leaves, and any trimmings, so this year I have a strict compost rule. The carrots bits that I had previously strewn behind me as I munched in the garden, must now be put in the compost, which is farther away. Unfortunately I have already noticed a few brown worm holes in the larger carrots... sigh. The only other option is covering the entire crop, for the whole season, and I hate remay. I have also planted some carrots with our onions, perhaps the onion smell will hide the carrots.

Some very respectable carrot thinnings! This was two weeks ago, they must be three times this big now! How do I forget in just one year that everything grows so fast in the summer???

We have had a very exciting summer up this way so far, parties and trips, lazy days on the lake, I really don't know when I'm supposed to be in the garden.
Hope summer is finding every one well!

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Wayne Stratz said...

congratulations! we are behind schedule down here on lots of stuff, but I did make pizzas with the students that had peppers and onions from the school garden.

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